Monday, 30 May 2016

Pictures from the RYSA-week in France

Here is a link to a Flickr account with public acess to pictures from the Swedish delegations trip to Lorraine, France between May 23'rd through 29'th.

Day 7

After a wonderful week packed with countless activities and even more impressions it was time for the Swedish students and teachers to return to Luleå on Sunday morning. At 10.30 AM the French and Swedish students and teachers gathered at the college. After many good byes and a few tears it was time for the Swedish delegation to board the bus that would take us to Paris Charles De Gualle airport for the return flight to Luleå via Stockholm.

The return bus ride was about an hour shorter than on the way to Ars-Sur Moselle due to lighter traffic in the Paris area. We arrived at the airport around 3PM and had time for a short dinner at Mc Donald's after everyone had checked in.

The flights back to Luleå went without incident and we arrived at Luleå Airport At 11.55 PM.

The week in France for the Erasmus project Rythm and Seasons project was an unforgettable experience for us all that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Many new international contacts and friendships have been formed and memories made.

Day 6

On Saturday it was time for an outing to a large amusement park outside of Metz called Wallygator.  At 10 AM the group of Swedish students and their French correspondents med at the park and we spent the whole day there until it was time to go back home for a few hours rest and dinner with the host families. The students had many attractions and rides to choose from and we enjoyed nice sunny weather apart from the last half hour or so of our visit when a torrential rain passed through the area.

At 7.30 PM we all met outside the big sports arena in down town Metz to watch the national final between the Metz women's handball team and Fleury. The game was sold out with more than 6000 fans on the stands. The game was close the entire match and Metz trailed Fleury up until the last 10 minutes when they soured into the lead and finally landed the national title in front of an extatic crowd.

After the game the students returned home with their respective correspondents to get packed and organized for the long trip home on Sunday.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

the Swedish week seen by the regional press

You will find the Swedish week seen by the regional press. One thank you and bravo to all the team for the success of this week!

LA SEMAINE N°576  MAY 28TH 2016